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What is SSL and Why you need it

What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)? Do I really need it?

You might not know it but for years, Google has been pushing for more secure websites from web developers. Starting in the next few month’s websites that do not… Continue reading

Thanks for going Phishing

If you got here – you have been duped!  While I wanted to take a minute to have a little fun on April Fools – I also wanted to do a PSA – that would be a Public Service… Continue reading

Website Maintenance Outline

I often get asked “What should I do to keep my website up to date?” I have put together a breakdown of ideas to keep your site current and fresh with some timeline suggestions.

Daily or Weekly

(Depending on how… Continue reading

Template vs Custom Websites

I am amazed at how many so called web designers are out there selling “custom” websites when they are actually just customizing a stock template. The arguement is that because it is cheaper?  I must be a moron, because… Continue reading

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