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Does my company need a website?

I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even a YouTube account. I think I have my bases covered.
That is the common thinking nowadays and it is wrong. Yes, it is nice to have social media accounts, but the majority of business will come from your website. Without even a simple website to validate your business, you can lose up to 2/3rd of the business that people sent your way and never even know about it. And here is why. Regardless of how you show up on the search engines, it is a fact that 68% of all people who are referred to you will go to your website before they call for your product or services to validate your business. A place where customers can view all of your business information in a comfortable setting. They don’t want to scroll through a bunch of silly memes to find all of your information. Imagine you are looking for a new trampoline for your kids. You find the company on Facebook because of a funny video they shared. Cool. Now what.. now that customer wants to know how much the trampoline is and how big it is. Is that information easy to find on your Facebook page? Do they get that information from your Twitter page? No. They want to visit your website! This is your storefront. Here they can see all of your products in one place as well as all the details about your products. They can even buy your products from your website. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?? Sales!
So to answer the above question, Yes you need a website.

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