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Welcome to The Web Design Ninja online shop. Here are a few of our plugins and services we offer.


Site Customizer Plugin

Over 200 functions and features useful for every WordPress website designer and developer.
It is the Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress.

  • Plugin and Update Control
  • Wp-Admin and Site Branding
  • Theme Control

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Raffle Ticket Generator

Our Raffle Ticket Generator plugin has become the defacto standard for powering fundraising raffles worldwide.  Tickets are generated in a wide variety of formats digitally and displayed to customers in their WooCommerce confirmation email.

  • Custom Ticket Formats
  • Graphic Ticket Images
  • Live Drawing Shortcodes

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Chance2Win Hosted Raffle Websites

For those charities who do not have the resources or skillset to build their own Online Raffle Fundraising Website, we offer a fully hosted solution.  Affordable and easy to use.  Have your fundraising raffle up and running in a day.

  • Fully Managed Fundraising Raffle Solution
  • Your own raffle website connected your charity’s CC processor
  • Instant access to all your contributors data.

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Custom Plugin Development

Have a specific need for a WordPress site and other plugins do not work.  We have built dozens of custom plugins for various customers.  Feel free to contact us with your requirements and let’s see if we can help you.  Here are just a few examples

  • Custom Reporting
  • Exporting orders via SOAP and XML to warehouse fulfillment centers
  • Custom Conference Software

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