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Thanks for going Phishing

If you got here – you have been duped!  While I wanted to take a minute to have a little fun on April Fools – I also wanted to do a PSA – that would be a Public Service Announcement about Phishing.


It is so easy to take a corporate site and make it look like a real site to collect your info and/or to send you a virus.  Fortunately, I am not an evil person – so we just had a little fun at your expense.  On a computer – you can mouse over the link and if you look at the bottom left of the browser you can see the URL where the site is taking you to.  That is the safest way to make sure you are staying on the correct website.

Also – the IRS will never send you an email.  And – if you get a notice from a company about your account – do not click the link in the email – but go directly to the website and login.  That is the safest way to make sure all is good.


Have a wonderful day and have fun!!!



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