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WordPress Development and Design for Your Needs

We don’t use stock themes. We run from the normal run of the mill WordPress Blog look. The Web Design Ninja creates a custom look for your site in Photoshop and then hand codes and designs powerful custom WordPress websites specifically for YOU! You can avoid having your custom WordPress website look like another companies website.

Custom WordPress development does not have to be expensive. We work fast and are able to create a custom WordPress site for less then our competitors in most instances.

If you have a WordPress website that isn’t living up to its full potential – don’t worry. We can help. We can handle a new custom WordPress design and incorporate it into your existing site. If you need features, routinely develop WordPress plugins and we repair and integrate existing plugins that just aren’t working correctly. The Web Design Ninja also provides ongoing support for your website. With years of experience designing, developing and maintaining WordPress websites here in Tampa, you know that your website is in good hands. Give us a call today to unlock the potential of your Custom WordPress website.


Our WordPress Development Specialties

  • wordpress-icon-1Custom Design and Theme Development:

    You and your business are one-of-a-kind, your online presence should be as well. Our specialty is custom designs that are created specifically for YOUR situation. We will discuss what you are looking for, provide you a design mockup and then work with you to narrow down exactly what your want and need is. We then design, develop and launch a custom-built WordPress theme to use to build your website. You will own all the artwork and original files.


  • wordpress-icon-1Custom WordPress Plugin Development:

    While many businesses are fine with simple core features, sometimes you require extra functionality beyond the core WordPress capabilities or plugins; we can help. We will select the proper plugin, test it and integrate it into your site. If there is not a plugin that does what you want, we can write one for you. We specialize in working with 3rd parties to integrate tools and codes into your website. An example of this is realtors who want to integrate an MLS search and IDX solution into their Custom WordPress Design. With hundreds of custom WordPress Designs under our belt, we have the experience to build custom solutions to meet your needs.


  • wordpress-icon-1Ongoing WordPress Services:

    As your WordPress website grows over time, we can help you grow with it. We can provide ongoing theme upgrades, security updates and scheduled backups, to ensure that your website continues to work great for years to come.


  • wordpress-icon-1Responsive and Mobile Designs

    Because we build your site from scratch, we can prepare in advance for a responsive or mobile design on conjunction with your regular site. This means that the design will be adjusted automatically depending on how visitors are accessing your site. While the content will be the same, it will be optimized for tablet and phone viewers.


  • wordpress-icon-1Shopping Carts

    We specialize in customizing shopping carts on WordPress Sites. While it would be nice that Shopping Carts work out of the box, it rarely is the case. Your business is unique and chances are you need a special feature that has to be tweaked in the cart. Some recent examples include custom Promo Codes, adding tips for the drivers on the credit card processing for a delivery business, custom confirmation emails, inventory control and integration with shipping software to make processing orders easy in the warehouse. We specialize in the fixing the issues the other guys can’t.


  • wordpress-icon-1Modifications to handle high performing sites

    We have many customers who get a lot of traffic on their site.  I mean like 5000 to 10000 visitors on their website at one time (isn’t Social Media great!) We have the skills to take their WordPress Website and make it function on multiple servers and work properly. In many cases we can split the sites into different sections to handle content as well.


  • wordpress-icon-1Security and Hack Repairs

    Face it –Wordpress Websites are database and php driven sites using free plugins that are many times not written by diligent coders. They get hacked. If you want to know how – just put in how to hack a WordPress Website in youtube and enjoy. When we build a site, we test the plugins for security breaches and, if hosted on our Web Servers, install a firewall specifically for WordPress. We then setup routine backups just in case.
    If you have been hacked – give us a call – we will find the leak and repair it.


Why do we use WordPress to design our sites?

This is a common question and has a somewhat complicated answer.

First – WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System website platform. This means that we can setup logins and the customer can maintain photos, content, posts, specials, etc without having a lot of computer skills. Almost all the websites that we develop are CMS sites now. The advantages are incredible and you have unlimited pages, unlimited photos and basically unlimited options with your website.

Two – Now that that is out of the way, Why WordPress? It depends on what the best solution is for our customer. Many times we don’t recommend WordPress and will recommend Joomla. We work with several types of CMS website platforms. WordPress is just one. It is the most popular because it allows people with limited skills to build a simple website. Sometimes we use WordPress because the customer specifies it in their requirements, but if we suggest WordPress, it is because in your situation we feel that the modules and plugins available for WordPress can give you the best possible solution at the lowest cost. One of the benefits of partnering with Tampa PC Web Design is that we have experience in numerous platforms and will get you the best solution.